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Well im pretty new to this forum . Cant remeber if I introduced myself. Name is Dan live in NC bought my 02 RC51 while i was in afghanistan last year. Was a nice present to come home too. Has a PC III and two borther high mounts pipes. Rest is pretty stock. I love it . Never own anything else. Cant wait to get all your guys opinions and suggestions on how to make it even better. Would love to have ideas for MAPS . it runs good but you can always get more im sure. I have plans on an undertail, new windscreen and some frame sliders. Next purchase will be a set of front and rear stands for it as well as a chain and sprocket set. Anyways heres a pic of my ride.


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Welcome, hey where did you get those flush mounts?
man wish i could tell you they were on the bike when i bought it. I love them . but they areny very bright. im gonna have to replace the LEDs in them . the lights you buy are never bright enough. you would think the manufactures would fix this issue. lol.
They look similar to the ones I used to have, which were Lockhart-Phillips.

Welcome to the group!!
And where in NC?
Im near Greensboro, a small town called Stoneville. If anyone ever wants to ride let me know. Always looking for more rides .
Was wondering as I travel to Cary now and then.
Welcome aboard! : )
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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