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Hey all,

Just picked up an 02 RC51 with 13k on it. Plan on making it a track bike. Couple questions.

I want to get an exhaust system for it. What is recommended? I like the carbon Sato.

Any recs?


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Sato's are really sweet pipes.
The low-mounts produce more torque than the banzai high-mounts, but for a track bike, the high-mounts may be better for lean angle.
Unless you're aiming for a full race system.
The number of companies making full systems are getting less plentiful.
I'm not even sure Akrapovic makes them anymore.
Tsukigi makes a full titanium system. Yoshimura, Jardine, and a few others may also make full systems.
The full systems may sacrifice more mid-range torque for higher top end HP.
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