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Hey all,

Great forum you guys have here, I have been lurking on the for a few months while shopping and the board helped immensely.

Little of my bike background:
picked up my first bike a 1985 Yamaha FJ600, road this piss out of that thing rain or shine for a few seasons, sold it after I put about 30k on it. Then I picked up a 1988 bmw k100rt that I used for commuting back and forth to work and some touring. I knew I needed something more fun so I bought a 2006 CBR 600rr. That has been a great bike to me the past few years, but with all the power so peakie, I don't have too much fun with it on the streets. And that lead me to my quest for a useable power band and TORQUE!

This past weekend bought a gorgeous RC51 with pretty much all the mods that I could ever want.

To name a few:
Sato high mounts
Pair Valve Removal
Flapper Valve Mod
Moriwaki Suspension Link
Braided front lines
GP shift
-1+2 gearing
Scotts steering dampner
and the usual visual mods

I will make a couple of tweaks to really make it my own, but it is certainly a great platform to start from.

Take it easy everyone,

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Welcome to the forums!!
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