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New to the club

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Hi all,
After many years of riding bikes I'm finally able to call myself an RC51 owner. I've wanted one since they came out, but could never justify such a focused machine, instead making the practical choices; VFR800, R1200GS, FJR1300.. Then when I could finally afford a second bike for scraping pegs, the RCs got tough to find in decent shape, so I settled for other hotrods; 955i Daytona, 900ss Duc, Tuono 1000R Factory to name a few, but I always kept my eye out for a clean RC51 and one finally fell into my lap!
Just getting into my new toy, it definitely needs some TLC (Fluids, filters, and a clutch slave rebuild for starters) but for the most part it appears to be in good shape. Meanwhile I commute on my 2022 R1250RT daily and pull out the modded ZRX1200R on the weekends until the RC is ready for primetime. Looking forward to spending a bunch of time here getting to know more about the bike at this community.

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Congrats! Which model year did you get?
Everyone on forums loves to see pics ;)
Thanks guys. The bike a 2003, and sadly as I go through the fluids I see that the clutch fluid is 2003 as well :eek: Master and slave cylinder rebuild kits are now in the works. The brake fluid looks questionable as well, so I can see a lot of TLC for this bike in my near future... Pics to come!
^ Make sure to clean out the tiny port at the master inlet (brake and clutch), as they can get dirt/crud buildup and cause issues.

Post up some pics of your new ride!
Congratulations!! And welcome to the forum. Of Course, you get to know more about the bikes. Again welcome to this community. Hope you enjoy being here.
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