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I'm new to this Forum. Just want to drop a short note to say "hi". A quick info about me.... I ride a '05 RC51, bought it last May of '07 and never look back since then :) I got it stock from the 1st owner. I did some mods on it.... not so much the performance, but just added few aftermarkets like exhausts, undertail, front signal lights, HID front light, and dark windshield.

Right now, I'm still debating if I should get a Sargent or Corbin seat. I know both saddles are pretty expensive but I'm tired of not being comfy so I have to do something about it. Any recommendation which one I should get?

Anyway, this is awesome that we have this RC51 Forum, keep it up guys/gals! Thanks.

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Cool! Welcome to tha club!
Post some pics of your ride!
I couldn't download the pic's and the user pic. Probably co'z of my pic resolutions set to high??? Any advice?
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