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New to the RC51, need some price help

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I am new to the RC51..have always loved them and they are with out a doubt my favorite bike.

I have found a bike in my area and have a question about pricing. Here is the link to Craigslist. Is this a good price for the bike? NADA has it at $5900


What is a fair price for this bike.

Thanks for the help.
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I think that is a fair deal and a clean bike
If his description of the (minor) cosmetic flaws is accurate, it seems to be priced right. I just paid around a grand more for a totally stock RC with about the same mileage.
Check it out
I just purchased the same year bike for $5800 with 5400 miles and without any plastics damage, with stock pipes, and with a PowerCommander. So the price doesn't seem too much if there isn't a previous crash in its history...

It does seems strange that a 2003 RC51 has a new chain and new sprockets... Don't just go by the condition of the plastics but check out the bolts (look for white factory paint marks) and anything that might indicate it has been down... Also look at the tires: are they stock? have they been replaced with soft Dunlops for track time?
Whats strange about a new sprocket and chain???

It sounds to me like the guy did it right by swapping the sprocket and chain and not just 1 by itself.

I'll tell you whats strange.....I bought my bike with 18K on it and it still had the original chain & sprocket
Thanks for the input. I am still thinking about this bike, however there is an 06 Ducati 749 I am looking at as well, for $7500. Both bikes are bikes I have always wanted.
Nice bike you could probably get a better deal.
I piked up a 2005 with 5400 miles in perfect shape with lots of mods for $6850.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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