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Hey everyone.
I decided to sign up to the forum.
I'm new to the roads in one way, but in another, been riding dirt bikes since I was a kid.
Moving to the States from Northern Europe gave me a chance to get my own bike and enjoy the beautiful canyons and roads.
Been riding for more than a year now. Started off with a Sv650S (full fairings), changed to a 750 gixxer 02, had a Ducati 626 for a week, than back to a 600 gixxer 06.
Maximized out myself with a ZX10R for a couple months. Sold that for a car and planning on getting a V-twin 1000 soon, which happens to be a RC51.

So guys, thanks for this forum and everything thats in here. There's some nice bikes in the galleries! Nice enough to sell me one?
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