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After riding a pals sp1 ive always liked the sp1 looks and torque ive had countless bikes through the years and still have my r1 and now a sp2 to sit along side it,..2002 that鈥檚 completely standard apart from a ohlins shock and alarm ( that鈥檚 coming off soon as i get her home ) as bikes in the uk, I can鈥檛 travel over until early next month to collect.

all the best Wayne
location..Isle of man


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Boy, would I love to be where you are! Been a dream of mine to see the TT forever. Congrats on the RC51 and the R1 is a great ride too. A bit snappier (ok allot snappier) than the SP but great bike all round.
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Thanks Oldscool.....these are both keepers ive had the r1 nearly 10 years now

Oh wow ! The R1 !

Im looking for that exact R1 right now for my best broski. He wants the 98 in Red and white. You have the nicest on ive seen so far. That picture is beautiful.
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