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Hows it going , to all Hawk-i here.
Never done this at all before but I need some help !!!.
I have had a 2002 SP2 which my Dad passed onto me last May, very lucky lad.
Last year Colin Edwards Was in my Home City & I was lucky enough plus persistence to have him sign my fuel tank at an event he was at, so just got my body work back from bike paint in Fife Scotland after having it lacquered & other stuff done.
I don't have a manual yet & need to know what a part is called so as to order it, I have looked at online diagrams but are not great & does nae tell ya exactly size or not their !!.

Under the fuel tank I have fitted the hoses that I took off but one rubber one snapped probably due to being baked by the back of the head, it seems to me that it is an overflow cause it comes from the fuel tank its self not the circular thing the other fuel pipes go to & it runs down to meet all the other overflow at the bottom or the fairing.

opposite the 8mm pipe that am taking about on the other side of the tank there is another little pipe stub into the tank its self !!! is that a breather.

Just want to get it right ,thing you notice when you put back together that you did nae notice before.
The sp runs like she's in a race so no probs with her running .
I know I need a manual but if any one can give me any pointers that would be great, cheers.

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