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Well, im sure this conversation has been delt with more than 1,000 times on this site, but I was wondering if there was anyone out there that lives near Rhode Island that would let swap in my "suspect" ECU to see if its really at fault.
The converter is fine, it has 5v comming from the ECU on the 2 inputs going to the converter, when intermitently grounded the plugs fire.
I grounded the the inputs to the clutch/kickstand circuit to eliminate that.
The fuel pump primes as normal "disconnected it during debug".
It can pull codes if i disconnect the Cam sensor, so the ECM is some what alive.
I have a 5v peak-peak signal comming from the IPG, so i know its getting the trigger.
It dosent seem like the injectors are firing either.
The bank angle sensor isnt tripped, if it was there would be no power going to the ECU "12v on blk/wht wire".
I did buy another 2002 ECM from a good friend that said the ECM worked fine, and i believe him. Its not to say that the new ecm didnt blow out during packaging or just by crap luck.
The camshaft sensor seems to have no more than 1v "min is .7v per the manual.
any ideas?.. anybody?
Is there anyone near Rhode Island who would let me check the ECM on a known good chassis? I'll even compensate for the trouble.
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