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OEM Farings Right and Left $175Shipped!!! Price Reduced 5/30/10!!!

This was my posting from Speedzilla. If interested let me know. Want them gone!

Alright guys what are they worth...How about $175.00 shipped for both the right and left side. Brake side is in very good condition. Just not OEM Paint color. Perfect track plastics. I have a shipping quote and it WILL cost about $75bucks to ship these so you are really getting them for $100 for both pieces. Any lower than this and I will just keep them and run them on the track. Thanks for looking.

So I have some OEM plastic to get out of my garage. Here is a list of what I have:
OEM Clutch Side Plastic ***Price Reduced***
OEM Brake Side Plastic ***Price Reduced***
****New Price...I will do both the right and left side for $175 shipped anywhere in the USA. Got a shipping quote on on just one faring yesterday and UPS wants $66 bucks to Cali. BTW USPS wanted $108.00 just in case anyone was wondering. It is not the weight it is the overall size that is the cost. I am using a large mirror box from UHall to fit everything in. I figure that I could throw the second in there and hopefully get away with it costing me $75 bucks to ship. So really you would be getting them for $100.00 without the shipping. Hopefully this is a fair deal because I am sick of looking at them in my garage. If there is not interest then I will just stick em on flebay. Thanks guys.


OEM Brake Side Plastic has rash and a chunck taken out of the top section. No cracks, some light surface scratching as well. All tabs are there and overall the faring is in great shape. With some plastic work this could be repaired pretty quickly.

OEM Clutch Side Plastic is in very good condition with no rash or cracks at all. There are some paint chips on the under side from normal road use. All tabs are there are in great shape.

Both Farings have been drilled for sliders!

This set of plastic at one point had a $1,000 paint job on it from House of Color...Midnight black. A good buddy of mine owned this bike wanted a black RC back in 01 before Honda came out with the SP2 in black. So he had this set done custom. My intention was to repair the damage and touch up the color then have a damn nice set of street plastics that were different than any other bike out there. But since then I have made the piggie a track only bike and have no need for this any longer. I can take tons of pictures for anyone interested and will box everything up and do shipping quotes so there are no suprises. If someone is interested in everything we can save on some shipping and I will knock some coin off the price.


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