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hi . anyone out there run ohlins?what do you think compared to standard ? im also after a set of forks fg322 for my sp1.i currently run ohlins shock, standard forks with ohlins springs,power commander,durban carbon air scoops,clear dubble bubble screen,sprint damper,draided brake lines,usual mods etc.raised rear ride height and forks raised through yokes so quick steering. owned bike from new and its a keeper.

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I wish I had a set of R&T forks installed, but I only had my OEM forks re-sprung and re-valved.
From the buddies I know who do own Ohlins forks, you do have to service them a bit more more often than OEM forks. But that's averaged over time.
Just as the Ohlins shock, about every 36-38K Km or 2 years of street riding on average.
Or at the end of every race season.
You can stretch that if there's no substantial decrease in performance, that's just what Ohlins recommends.
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