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I was recently looking on the P.C. (power commander) website and ran across a new map for us SP2'ers, the Arata Euro map.
Up until now none of us with arata's have had the option of a downloadable tunes. (that I knew of) The only problem is:

What is the real difference between US and Euro tunes?​

Under the FAQ section on PC's website it claims that europe has different fuels than the US. A quick google search showed that available Euro fuel is a higher octane. Any opinions here?

Going under that assumption:

In theory could I run 100LL AvGas and make up the difference?​

Now, before I get flamed on for wanting to use more expensive fuel for no real reason; I work on airplanes and have access to fuel that is "un-airworthy", ie. I would not 100% trust it in a plane. :D

I have run 100LL in my RC before and I have noticed that it does not like it as much as Pump 93. IIRC it would hesitate. I found this odd since other bikes I have run it in have not been affected.

Let me know if anyone has any thoughts or theories on this.

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Maybe our UK or other Euro members can help there.
I'm not familiar at all with octane calculation methods used in Europe.
Here, ours is calculation of research (RON) and motor (MON) octane ratings with up to 10% ethanol thrown in the confuse everybody.

I prefer to keep my fuel undiluted and my ethanol in a class with or without ice cubes. Or in the form of a nice cold beer.
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