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I have recently posted a detailed install guide for the Power Commander V (PCV) with autotune in my RC51 winter refresh thread, which can be found here. The physical installation guide is complete with some related software set-up posts.

It's extensively described from pages 19-22 in that thread.

A few other members have done or are doing similar installs and members are welcome to post a link here as well. Plus by all means discuss hints, tips, tricks, and ask questions.

There were issues with the PCV on the RC51. And it's magnified when running autotune.
Power Commander has now released a new PCV that fixes these issues. The PCV now comes with a CPS (crank position sensor) interconnect to accurately measure the ignition. It's easily visible as a second set of interconnects on the PCV wiring harness.

The original issue is discussed in more detail here. https://www.rc51forums.com/forums/18-engine-work/69162-rc51-power-commander-5-pcv-problem.html

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