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picking up the rc51 tomorrow!!

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Finally getting my 51 tomorrow ill post some pics. this is going to be the best birthday present ive gotten myself ever. :cool:
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The best gifts in the world are the ones you buy for yourself!!!!:D
I got it, changed the oil, and im going to wash it and post some pics up tomorrow. This thing is a blast to ride. If anybody wants to gift me some tires let me know ;)
Good deal man! Hope you get the pics up soon.
Grats on your new toy.
You guys dodge the snow over there (Richmond) this week, we got 4" here in western VA, and tons of gravel to boot. NO RC for awhile, I'm sticking with my
Honda XL600R Enduro!

i hear ya, there. a quarter of louisville is still without power.
So, when are we gonna see the pics you promised?:rolleyes:
yeah cant wait till tomorrow 60's and 70's this weekend going up to blue ridge for the weekend
if i was near the blue ridge i'd put off the pics too.
Congrats! welcome to the last bike you'll ever want to own
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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