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Possible paint scheme, need feedback

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This is a photo shop mock up (I'm an amateur at best) of what I may paint my bike.

Any suggestions would be great. I have to keep in simple, so no dragons or skulls and sh## lol. I'm on a fixed budget. I think this is the European RC aside from the Honda wings.

I found a place that makes RC51 decals so I just did a cut and paste job on the bike to see how the decals would work.

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So you're intending to have the European white color scheme without the hawk feathers?
You have anything in mind to fill in the blank area usually taken by the feathers?
Actually I liked both the white and the European black and red schemes as well.
We got only read and silver until '05 when they shifted to black (which isn't bad looking either).
yes, the Black is very nice. I think I may leave the feathers out. I like the simplicity of it. I'm going to make another photo shop version in red and possibly silver.

Thanks for the feedback

Here's my second try. I think this is way better.

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