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Possible RC51 buyer?

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Hi, I am very interested in buying RC51. It is very rare bike in Croatia (very expensive as new), but if I found one that suits me and if I close financial construction, I will be happy to become an owner. I have never try that bike. This summer I rode my friends 2004 R1. I will be thankful if someone tell me his expirience about RC51, and differences between RC51 and other four cylinder japanese bikes. Sorry for mistakes in writting.
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The 51 is a completely different animal than the inline 4's. It has a ton of torque but not alot of horsepower. In the straights the jap bike is gonna come right around you but in the twistys its 51 all day. The 51 is a race bike for the street, well not really for the street but thats where most people ride them. Its got a hard seat and hard suspension and its big and its heavy and it runs HOT. But get it out through some turns and its a GREAT bike. You definately need to ride one before you buy cause their not for everyone. Good luck with your purchase.
I've rode Inlines and V twins and I have to say that V Twins are by far the funnest to ride on the street. I just think they have more usable power, and yeah the RC likes the twisties.

One of the reasons I bought mine is that everyone has a GSXR or other inlines around me. I'm not saying there are bad, but I like that fact that the RC is unique and it definitely turns heads especially with that sweet sounding monster V twin motor.

But like jgos929 said, "their not for everyone."
I agree, everytime I see a gsxr i want to puke.

I owned a 2001 R1 Champions Edition and boy was that bike fast but its just not the same as the twin. Its hard to explain but like I said before, ride one before you buy one.
A lot of the rear ride harshness was caused by the rising rate ratio.
Especially of the SP1's.
The SP2's had the link ration changed as a result of SP1 race experience.
Replace the stock link with a Kyle Racing link.
It changes the ratio from progressive to linear.
The effect is most pronounced on the SP1's, to a lesser (but still good) degree for the SP2's.
It enables better ability to dial the rear suspension in.

For the seat, what can I say? I only notice it on the highway.
Never even feel it while whipping through the twisties (too focused I guess).
A Corbin or Sargent will cure that.
I own a 2003 600RR and I like it smooth, light and nimble very typical 4 cylinder. Now I drove the RC51 which my brother has and it has more vibration, power I am not sure. One think I like is that it is unique. The RC51 is very hard to ride on the street.

On the route I rode both bikes (from home ot work) I could get the 600RR to 6th gear on some of the straights. On the RC51 I could barely get out of 2nd gear with out lagging the engine. You could feel the twin when crusiing. It was much more tirirng to ride. They talk about torque on the twin but I could not really see much diffrence.

If I change the gearing would that be better?
If the RC51 has stock final gearing, yes, changing the final ratio to 15/41, 42, or 43 will make a lot of difference.

There's a world of difference and riding style between a 600 and the RC51.
The RC51 comes into the torque curve starting around 4500 RPM and the power starts around 6000 RPM.

The main problem I have riding the RC51 on the street is that the streets are too slow.
These baby's like to run and it feels criminal to hold a tight leash on them.

It's so nice to find a long stretch of road and just cruise at 120 MPH (albeit rarely these days).
The sound is so nice. Not high-pitched like an I-4, more of a drone.
Would it make a difference if I change the gearing and be more liveable? I like the RC51 but I always take my wife for a ride and I am worried about not getting out of 1st gear anymore on Guams slippery roads.

Where do I buy the gear set? Any suggestions? How much do they cost?
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