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Guys, we all know dat our RC51 must have PC on it...I was thinking to order from Dan Kyle & asked him to instal me the Best mapping but he replied ok but was'nt sure the fuel here in Spore is the same in US because the mapping was done in States..In Spore we have 95,98 & best petrol is just across the border..PETRONAS..better then the Shell V power..We have a few dyno center but mostly they aint good...2 feller on RC51 dyno..but when they hit to the track to test...the bike just shut off when during hard braking...rite now my bike is feelin rich on burning...

can i used the sato mapping here in Spore ? as our wheather is freekin ard 32-36 degree celsius...Hot & wet...
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Better yet, have your bike dyno'd to your actual configuration.
Expensive, yes. But your map will match your bike exactly.
While the PCIIIUSB for the SP1's have a different part number than the ones for the SP2's, essentially they are the same unit. The default maps are different.
So they are compatible? I only ask because the guy that I dyno with wants a usb PCIII.....I would be good buying one for a SP2?
The one for the SP2 should work on an SP1.
Or you could buy one for an SP1, if you're buying a new one. They still make them.
I just need a USB one, I think they make one for the sp1
Power Commander part number 105-411 for SP1, 114-411 for SP2.
Mine is on the way..Should be arriving next Friday...Ordered from Dan Kyle...not sure wether he installed my mapping dat i requested to him..Subsailor, i thought the PC3 for RC51 can be used for SP1 & SP2?...
They are. If you buy them new they come with a default map for the specific model.
If you buy them used, then you'll need to remap for your specific model.
OK found some more info on the PCIII USB and i have found a website that has a map already made for the arrow pipes I have on my RC....would I be good to go with just buying a PC and then downloading that map or do I still need to dynotune? Is it as easy as plug and play like that>?
The map may get you into the ballpark and actually run decent.
The best (and most expensive) way is to create your own map using a dyno.

I myself am currently using the map created on the dyno from my Jardine 2-1 exhaust, even though I'm using an Akrapovic full system.
I'm not having any obvious issues and it seems to run fine, but I still plan on fine tuning it on the dyno when I get a chance.
oh I know but thats the cost of speed I guess
Well she seems to do 155 MPH with no sweat, so I figured I'd put the dyno job a little down on the priorities list.
I'll get to it soon.
A buddy of mine ordered from our local dyno center for Singapore dollar $680 + dyno but i got few bad feedback on his dyno..
Is this person using a DynoJet unit (by the same folks who created the Power Commander)?
After watching my bike being dyno'd, it's hard to understand how you can screw up a dyno session.
The computer tells you what to do.
For each gear, the computer has you make runs at various throttle settings leading up to full throttle.
If your bike doesn't have one, a lambda sensor is inserted into the exhaust pipe to measure O2 content.
The computer controls the brake in the wheel drum to vary the load on the engine.
After all these runs at various throttle settings are done, the computer calculates the map and downloads it to the PC.
It's not hard, just time (and fuel) consuming.
Mighty the price you paid is pretty good. The cheapest I seen them so far new was $249.

Sub she might do 155 but your plugs are either glowin red or black as coal :eek:
Nope. They're both actually a nice pretty tan. :)
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You can go to Power Commander's web site and download the base map for the SP1.
Here's the map number and description:
M105-301 Stock bike, stock exhaust, and stock, or K&N air filter.
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