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Guys, we all know dat our RC51 must have PC on it...I was thinking to order from Dan Kyle & asked him to instal me the Best mapping but he replied ok but was'nt sure the fuel here in Spore is the same in US because the mapping was done in States..In Spore we have 95,98 & best petrol is just across the border..PETRONAS..better then the Shell V power..We have a few dyno center but mostly they aint good...2 feller on RC51 dyno..but when they hit to the track to test...the bike just shut off when during hard braking...rite now my bike is feelin rich on burning...

can i used the sato mapping here in Spore ? as our wheather is freekin ard 32-36 degree celsius...Hot & wet...
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roger dat boss...anymore mods should done to the bike... so far what i done is
1. Scorpion steel slip on
2. Flapper valve
3. Brembo RCS master pump
4. Goldfren race pads front
Better yet, have your bike dyno'd to your actual configuration.
Expensive, yes. But your map will match your bike exactly.

Well cant find any good tuner in Singapore...well heard dat Sato mapping is good...
Mine is on the way..Should be arriving next Friday...Ordered from Dan Kyle...not sure wether he installed my mapping dat i requested to him..Subsailor, i thought the PC3 for RC51 can be used for SP1 & SP2?...
They are. If you buy them new they come with a default map for the specific model.
If you buy them used, then you'll need to remap for your specific model.
Mine is brand new. Meaning that, i just plung & play or i have to install the mapping? I asked to installed for me qa best mapping for my Sp1..but when i check with Alex, he told me it left as stock...Oh ya jogs929..i bought ard usd$269 , shipping add usd $20 =$289...subsailor, he gave me SP2 model 114-411..& did not installed any mapping..well tgat they before ordered from him, i have told my details & asked to installed...very sad..sob..sob
A buddy of mine ordered from our local dyno center for Singapore dollar $680 + dyno but i got few bad feedback on his dyno..
my friend who when there dyno his [email protected] using PC2 & the other PC3usb...When he tested on the track,the bike just cut [email protected] off(when he about to enter corner & hard braking)...2 Rc51 member had the same problem & they DYno at the same shop..
Dan gave me SP2 PC3...& i'm ridin SP1..issit possible just plug & ride?...& what is 155??
Yesterday i hit 270km/h on a Hway a cross the border...stock execpt for scorpion race slip on...anyone using the 15bhp mod chip from ebay.. A friend used [email protected] feedback from him-
1.EZ to install
2.RPM fast response
Guys, when my PC3 arrive can i plug & play or need to remap . I ordered from Dan PC3 for SP1 but they send SP2..If i need to changed the program, how does it goes?..i really need help of this..
Ok, PC3 just arrived...question to ask,,how many hours or days if u send your bike for dyno?..my fren just over his SP1...takes only 4hrs..ended 122bhp...
i will fix 2morow & download maps..
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