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It's that time of year again.

When the winner of the December 2018 Bike Of The Month is chosen, that will signal the start of the 2018 Bike Of The Year Contest.

Only prior Bike Of The Month winners are allowed to participate.
The following are the prior months winners:

January: sigpipd
February: rccbrz
March: gts455
April: prujd1
May: Duckhunter
June: Wibbly
July: DannyBoy
August: Luckyadam12
September: <no entries>
October: Motleyfan
November: <no entries>
December: TBD

If you have an updated photo or a better one to showcase, please PM me with it.
FYI it's really, really nice if you save your photo to the Forum's gallery and send me the link to it. Otherwise, it can be a PITA at times.
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