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Hey there, just got my hands on a beauty of an 02’ SP2. She’s a runner with just over 20k on the clock. I’ve just gotten it home to find a mess under the plastics, and a tank with a suspicious paint job. Guess it’s a good thing this bike was free 😎.
Yup, believe it or not the original owner hasn’t ridden it in years and decided to stop riding all together. Which is a good thing for me! So far I’m going to replace the entire rear harness and get a hotbodies undertail to clean up the mess that was there. Thankfully the plastics are all oem and all there. A little body work to do, but not too bad. The tank looks perfect, but the non stock color scheme has me nervous about what I might find when I strip it. My goal is to bring this bike back to stock. It’s already a sound runner, it started on its second try after sitting for 5 years with old gas in it. Now to just sure up the electrical system and do some body work.
Excited to dive in, even more excited to ride it when she’s done.
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