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I'm looking for a set of RC51 themed cuff links.

I've checked the Google and on eBay with no avail. I've found plenty of H-D ones but nothing for our beloved twin:(

I'm looking for ones with a depiction of our bike, "RC51," "RVT," the Honda "wing," and if I have to go out on a stretch "HRC," or "VTR" ones.

Thanks for the help,


Not to wast a thread...

Post up links to T-shirts, sweet shirts or to even clocks:rolleyes::D:p that involve the RC51.

I'm hoping that this becomes helpful to the members who are looking for such things that are already available.
(Not to help the seller, but the member who is looking for said items)

To the members who have already had things made and you still have some to unload, feel free to post it up.

Please do not use this thread to gather people for having something new made. There is already a thread for that.


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Awesome thread idea james, I was wondering where nobody got that sp2 red hoodie I saw on another thread...

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