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I'm new to the list. I just purchased 2000 RC51 VIN #000002. I would like to contact anyone who has owned this bike. My intention is to restore it to how if left the factory and as part of the exercise, would like to try to establish some governance for it, so any information about the life of this bike would be very welcome.

Thanks in anticipation of your help!

Oh, btw, also looking for "perfect condition" stock parts if anyone has anything. The bike was in a wreck and needs pretty much everything in terms of bodywork. Also needs new guages. The exisiting guages were smashed but I have info that shows the mileage around 16k so need guages with aprrox that mileage on them......need headlights etc.....new tank....new stock seat......if you have any stock parts you're looking to get rid of, please contact me at [email protected]

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