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rc51 vs 03 bike models onwards

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Have u guys tried spar wz 600s or 1000s on track?.Not sure u guys did race wz them in state..but i did 2day(1st time on V twin)..well its not EZ 5 laps race...my 2000 model RC tried it best ...bad about the bike is heavy...even a Jap rider(who used to race endurance race in japn said so)..he said no chances agaist newer model..:(:mad:
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As is well known, the RC51 has remained unchanged since 2002 with the SP2.
Only color schemes were changed between the model years and country (US vs. European color schemes).

All current front line 600 and 1000's undergo complete redesign every two years on average.
Not only engine, but frame redesign as well, utilizing all the latest techniques.

You can't expect parity again these newer bikes on an RC51.
The only twin that has kept pace is Ducati with the 1098 and now 1198's.
That bike has the weight and power levels on par with the latest Liter-bikes.

It's a shame that Honda abandoned the RC51, but that racing, and the RC51 was a race bike first, and street bike second.
When racing dictated Honda needed a 4-cylinder 1000, then that what it did.
It moved on.

I suggest you do as I and many others do, enjoy the RC51 for what it was and is.
A very fine V-twin that really isn't that heavy (have you looked at the weight of the 2007 GSXR-1000?), has power where it's practical (mid-range), and a distinct sound that easily separates it from the pack of 4-cylinder bikes.

Close you eyes and you can't hardly tell any brand of 4-cylinder sportbikes apart.
But when an RC51 fires up, you have no problem.
If a Ducati has the characteristic dry clutch and demo rattles, then the RC51 has it's wonderful camshaft spur-gear whine.

As I tell everyone, it's not the quickest, fastest, or lightest bike on the planet.
But it farts, belches, whines, vibrates, and but definitely talks to you.
In short, it has a unique character and history, and that's why I bought one.
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hmm i agree wz dat bro....well not RC51 in Spore..less den 30 bikes(SP1 & SP2 altogether) last batch was 2002 SP2 model dat was sold brand new ard 25k(Spore dollars last 5wks ago)..Jz bought mine 2 wks ago & test it on track..gearing same as 600cc..but..my tank is so rusty when u fired up on full trottle..its start to clogging & my shock is so stiff is like metal pole...so where can i find this items that can shipped cheaply to Spore ....
Hey bro go here and save yourself some money. You should be able to come up with the required tools needed for this. All it takes is a wire hangar and a battery charger.


Check where the preload is set on that rear spring. You got 9 notches where the spring can set and yours sounds like its up there pretty high. The rc has stiff suspension already but it can definately be softened up. Mine was set on 7 and I lowered it to 5 and it made a world of difference. All you need to adjust it is a spanner wrench or a hammer and punch but the spanner works a hell of alot better.
looks very familiar(same as my tank)....2morow i will sent it to the shop...but for the rear shock..it cant b click to lower..the click is jamm..
What notch is it on right now? How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
i'm 84kg...
You need to soften your back shock. What notch is it on?
Gas tank jz sent to the workshop(it takes abt 1wks)...as for my rear shock...below i set it 2 turn wz a screw driver(max 4 turn)& top 5 click(max 25turn???)..but the sag is still stiff when u sit on it..unless u press it hard on the rear peg ...it goes down but fast rebound ...rebuilt the shock ard $280 Sgp dollars..
How many notches on the ramp adjuster is your spring pre-load set?
You said you weight 84 Kg which around 185 Lbs.
Surely with the ramp adjuster set all the way soft you should get a bit of sag.

Now the SP1's had stiff rear suspension due to the progressive rate of the linkage (which the Moriwaki/Kyle Racing link changes), but I should think you should be able to make some changes to improve the ride.
Oh forgot to ask, how many clicks from full in are your compression (top) and rebound (bottom) adjusters set?
Remember, gently bottom out the adjusters full in. Otherwise you'll damage the adjusters.
compression 5 click & bottom 2click..it is ok...or i nd the Kyle Racing link changes.???..no sag..unless u press it harder wz yr hand on the rear peg(nd 2 people to do [email protected] 1 on left & 1 on the right)..but the rebounce is fast..
You need to soften your preload then adjust your comp and rebound. Look right at the top of the spring. There will be a collar that has notches in it. It looks like stairs, the notches start at the bottom and then go up like stairs. There will be nine of them. I'm thinking that is set to high thats why its so stiff. You need to turn that counter clock wise 1 notch at a time and that will soften it up.
Tks buddy..i give a try 2day..u reckon stage it at 5(max is 9 rite)?..if u have any frens wanna to sell their original fairing cheap(rc51 2000 model), pls inform me(shipping to singapore is ard $100(i think) ...right now i jz nd complete rear cowl set(including rear seat)..if not..have to fly to Hong Kong get a full set of fairing(wz custom design )...so do u ride the bike everyday or jz the wkend ?
man you have a heavy accent even when you type... love it!! lol
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