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RC51 won't start

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Hi, I'm new to this forum & I just recently sold my R1 and got a 01 RC51. The bike has been running beautiful until today. Today I turned on the bike and it was warming it just fine. While I was putting on my gear, my bike slowly died out and turned off. I realized that I was completely out of gas. I tried a few times to start the bike which it did but once I put it into gear it died out. So I went to get gas and I came back with about a gallon of 91 octane. I filled the gas tank up & realized that it was dripping on the edged of the gas tank hole going into a small little hole which I believe is the overflow valve. I realized that all that gas that went into that hole ended up outside of my left side of the frame. I tried starting my bike but it just stutters when trying to ignite it & wont even start no more. Does anyone have any advice on what my problem is? Someone told me it could be my PCII or fuel pump or fuel fuse
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Ok, so your gas tank on the bike is leaking? If you're sure you'er getting spark, I'd check your fuel filter. if its the original one, it could likely be all clogged up.
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