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Real advantages of Titanium

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So like it says guys... Im kind of new to the bike game (owning atleast) and I was wondering what the real advantages of having a Titanium Exhaust would be.

Any help or direction would be awesome. Thanks Guys!
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The only thing that titanium is good for is shaving a couple of pounds. Thats it.
If its decent Ti, it should be extremely corrosion resistant as well.
So I guess the next question would be is it really worth it?
As an exhaust, it will save a few pounds, and should hold up very well to heat and corrosion if its built with good material, and built well. I've seen some Ti car exhausts that used crap material and weren't built to well that fell apart after a couple hundred miles. If I was in the market and had the coin, I'd do it. My RC came with an Akra slip-on, but if it was stock when I bought it, I'd have Satos on order.
whats a few pounds? 5-10? Hmm Starting to wonder... They do look hella awesome though!
I'm not familiar with the weight of the stock system vs. the various aftermarket systems, but if the price isn't too far off, I'd go for Ti. My bike came with slip-on Akras though, so I'm leaving well enough alone for now.
I switched from stock to aluminum d&d's and shaved off about 5lbs. The d&d's are alittle heavier then all the others but I figure with a good ti you could shave well over 10lbs easy.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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