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Hey Guys,

/I recently found an RC 51 for sale I am very interested in it. Its a 2000 so after some research I found out that its an SP1.

The bike has 7200 miles its been laid down with no serious damage the fairing is scared up but like I said it runs nice,

So here are my questions:

1 - How much should I pay?

2 - Is there a under seat exhaust I can buy?

3 - He has added a quick accelorator kit (I think its a chain and sproket kit)
should I return it back to stock?

4 - he has removed the baffler, to inprove horse power, but now it idles at 1800 to 2000 rpm's, should I be concerned about the other effects this may have on the bikes performance?

5 - what is the big difference between an SP1 swingarm and an SP2 swingarm?

Thanks guys!!

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