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Ok guys...my bike is near finish but there a lot of hipcup rebuilding this steel horse...
Well let me share a bit of the story..(sorry no pics)

Was brought to workshop rebuilding last month April but found that he trying to rip me off after dismantle the bike in pieces..I lost 1.5k in that workshop(cant claim back)..bloody shop..

So 6mth later shift the bike to a fren of mine workshop. He agreed to rebuilding it..By then it was Oct last year i shift over the bike to his workshop in pieces..

Now March 2011 is near there. Engine is up, JE piston in, black powder coat frame, swingarm,wheels & Samco rad hose fixed..
but sadly, some parts are missing(Front/rear Rotor disc,axle mostly parts are missing at the wheel area.. Damm..

Managed to found some from Rc51 parts(Ben), 3Stripe & Ebay...

So the problem now that i encounter, when trying the hotwire(no keys) the bike, the FI light came on....

Can i know what the problem is?
& can i dont use the cut off sensor at the stand?
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