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Searching the forum doesn't turn up much on feedback on replacement clutch kits. Riding an '03, bike still wants to slightly lurch forward when clutch is depressed all the way regardless of adjustment...from what I've read, 99% sure new clutch is in order with 26k miles.

Can anyone recommend best bang for the buck in clutch kits to replace. I've found the Barnett kevlar kits for low $300s. Is it worth the $$ or should I go with OEM replacement parts. This is a street not track bike. I've never had to replace a clutch before in any of my bikes until now.

Thanks for any feedback!


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Your clutch drags when disengaged?
The clutch is hydraulic so it automatically compensates for plate wear.
The bike shouldn't creep forward if fully disengaged.
It may lurch slightly when the dogs engage in the gearbox, but not creep.
Is your clutch line bleed of any air that could cause spongy feeling?
Or have you noticed any leakage of clutch fluid at the master or slave cylinders (fluid level continues to drop)

If your clutch slips, then the friction plates are worn.
For a stock bike, just go with the OEM plates.
For an '03 and above, the friction plates will run about $88 plus shipping.
You'll need:
Qty 1, Disk A, PN 22201-MAT-000 (same I.D. as friction plates, has one tab with green on outside edge and dark speckles on friction material)
Qty 1, Disk B, PN 22202-MAT-000 (has larger I.D. to clear judder spring, and has tab with green on outside edge and dark speckles on friction material)
Qty 5, Disk Friction, PN 22201-MAT-E00 (has one tab with red on outside edge and friction material all same color)

Note the parts list and service manual are out of sync.
The part numbers above were taken from the parts list, but the service manual shows the innermost friction plate that clears the judder spring as Disk A.
Nonetheless, the large I.D. friction plate (Disk B) is the innermost friction plate that clears the judder spring.
Disk A is the outermost, and the rest are in between.

For '00-'01, they use two Disk A's for inner and outer disks as the SP1's don't use a judder spring.
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