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rk quick acceleration kit

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hi guys im new to this forum im just wondering if you can help me with some advice. i bought an rk quick acceleration chain kit for my 05 rc51 the kit consists of a gb520gxw 104 link chain a 15 tooth front sprocket and a 40 tooth rear sprocket. i have fitted the kit on the bike but now it seems like the chain is too short for this application the chain sits very tight i even had problems fitting the wheel back on the bike, i have checked all the number of teeth on the sprockets and the links on the chain and everything is spot on! am i doing something wrong its my first time changing the chain on my rc51 is there a trick to this that i dont know about? i thought it was a straight bolt on and i have all the tools to do the job, has anyone installed this kit to their bikes before? any advice will be greatly appreciated thanx in advance
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Is the wheel all the way forward?

If it is, I would contact the place you got the kit from and have them send you a longer chain.
thanx for the reply, the wheel is all the way forward, with no adjustment whatsoever. i just bought this kit thinking it was a straight bolt on thats why i didnt think twice when i riveted together
Any update? If I recall correctly, the stock gearing is 16/40, so putting a 15/40 kit should cause you to pull your rear wheel back, unless the 104 link chain is too short for the application. I don't know how many links a stock chain is, anyone else? A 15/41 kit is supposed to move the rear wheel farther back than stock, so a 15/40 should do the same thing but a little more.
From reading other posts, the stock chain was 106 links. It seems that most people get 120 link chains when buying replacements and just remove links to get the right length for them. 104 just sounds like it's too short and whoever sold it to you should have known better.
Your chain is to short. The kit you got was for an SP1.

I suggest you take everything off and send it back.
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