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Since I sold my RC 51 I have some extra parts that the buyer did not want:

All parts for SP2, purchased for a 2003...

Front rim - Complete - $250 plus shipping (see below)
Brake disks (not warped) all seals and spacers. Replace the front tire and install. Not perfect.

Swingarm - Complete - $200 plus shipping (see below)
has chain (meh - i was going to replace it). has all seals and spacers and swingarm pivot. Both bobbin attachment points intact

Rear subframe with rear pegs - $60 plus shipping (see below)
Straight with seat lock and cover intact and attachment bolts etc… However i will tell you what the guy that i bought it from did not tell me - The fairing attachment points where the seat fairing attaches (frankenbolts) have sheared off bolts in them. It looks like soon used blue lactate and then sheared off the bolt head…. Other than that - fantastic piece.

Power converter - $75 plus shipping (see below)
Works fine

Rear seat and gasket - $120 plus shipping (see below)
Great condition. Gasket never been used.

Misc bag o parts: $40 plus shipping (see below)
Extras and stuff i picked up. Side stand, Stock Link, one fan (not sure if it works) Misc bolts and reflectors

See pictures

Throttlemeister - AHR2 - $75 plus shipping (see below)
Black, complete. small chips on left end (shipping not crashing)

Front Bars, front switches, throttle and cables, front brake system, lines etc - $150 plus shipping (see below)
Pretty much complete except for clutch reservoir. I have not installed or used so i cant verify condition but I will do as above and tell you what the seller did not tell me when I purchased - This all came from a bike that went down. Obvious marks on bar ends and needs to be cleaned….

Front fairing stay - $20 plus shipping (see below)
Silver, slightly bent, works.

Memphis shades clear lo profile screen - $10 plus shipping (see below)

Shipping: Soooo I don't want to gouge for shipping, that's lame, so shipping costs will be actual shipping via fedex ground from 55402. I will be using a business shipping account (I am not a motorcycle business, just using my company's shipping contract) and get a significant discount delivering to a business address. Otherwise you can send me a pre-paid shipping number and I will send that way. I'll pack everything as best I can.

Best way to contact me is via email - Otherwise I will check PM's in teh evening.

Pics - (I have more)





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