hey everyone, just letting you know that i have SPAL fan brackets avialable still for sp1 and sp2 applications.

these come with everything you need to bolt on a set of SPAL fans to your SP2, or one SPAL fan to your sp1

they are made to work with the spal fan # 30103013 (pusher), or 30103011 (puller) though everyone seems to be using pushers.

The benefit here is that the fans are higher output than stock, and when using pushers, the air is blown through the radiators to the outside of the bike, which works with the natural flow of air when riding. the stock pullers work against that, which causes the bike to cool very slowly when in motion.

the sp2 sets are 75 usd shipped anywhere, the sp1 singles are 45 usd shipped anywhere. payment with paypal.

here are some pics.