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sp1 to sp2 tb swap?

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what entails to swap to the newer style sp2 throttle bodies form the sp2 setup? i have a pcIII usb, and was told to just install them and run a sp2 map. thanks for any help.
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SP1 and SP2 have different injection nozzles and throttle valves.
The Powercomander should be same at both.
Using only Map for SP1 to SP1.
Using only Map for SP2 to SP2.
Could I help them?

SP1 und SP2 haben unterschiedliche Einspritzdüsen und Drosselklappen.
Der Powercomander sollte bei beiden gleich sein.
Nur Map für SP1 an SP1 verwenden.
Ebenso nur Map für SP2 an SP2 verwenden.
Konnte ich ihnen helfen?
when i say swap, i mean the complete assy. throttle bodies, injectors and all from a sp2.
Do they want to build a SP2 throttle valve on a SP1?
This does not make meaning.

Wollen sie eine SP2 Drosselklappe auf eine SP1 bauen?
Das macht keinen Sinn.
The control section PGM FI is different.
As well the cable.
Air box is also another .

Das Steuerteil PGM FI ist anders.
Ebenso das Kabel.
Auch die Air Box ist eine andere.
yes i want to swap to the better sp2 thottle bodies and injectors, i was told it was a direct swap minus the fact that i nee to run a sp2 map on my mower commander
never mind got my answer from another forum, thanks anywho!
never mind got my answer from another forum, thanks anywho!
And the answer was?
pretty much bolt on, need the sp2 tb's, the larger rubber intake boots and velocity stacks and a sp2 map for my pciii and im done!.
let us know when your done! curios to hear how it goes
will do, prob be a week or so.
Incase anyone is curious I don't think olred did the swap because he discovered on another forum that it is a pointless mod and is not worth the hassle.

Its even been discovered that the low end power on the sp1 is better than the 2 and people have even swapped their sp2 tb's for sp1's and improved in many area's.

Just wanted to update everyone
yes, the 2001 makes better low to mid range by a few hp compared to the 2002+

in a effort to make the last few HP on the 51 at 180hp+ Honda wanted the larger bodies on the 2002+. to do this they had to incorperate them on the street model and the bennies from this mod were for them not us
+3 on what was mentioned above. the swap is pretty straight forward but after some investigating and first hand testing of a recent member it was discovered that for real world use the sp1 setup is more than enough and actually gives better low and mid hp with no loss on top. and this came from a moderately built bike also, ie. cams, high comp. pistons etc.
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