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Hi guys,
decided that with all the wealth of info on here that someone can please help me out as my local Honda dealer is stuck and confused................

I have an SP2 2002 UK model with 20.000 miles on her and full Honda service history, the bike has Scorpion end cans fitted, K & N air filter and a power commander other wise standard.

she has a very bad stutter or hesitation at below 4k

When I bought her she had a very slight stutter low down revs, so took her to my normal bike shop to set up the power commander and fit a custom map, she pulls very strong at med / high revs, it is really bad and the bike jutters forward and back when trying to ride at a constant low speed. it almost un riderable.

Before anyone suggest its typical of V twins, I have had 4 sp1 and 3 SP2 and 6 Ducatis so I know what to expect from the V twins ,its not me or my riding style,

I have disconnected the power commander removed and re fitted the exhaust can baffles with no difference to the fault.

Please someone help me out here im doing my head in and just need her running spot on,
Cheers lads
Regards Phill

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Have they ruled out the throttle position sensor?

The TPS is basically a variable potentiometer, and like all potentiometers, can potentially develop a bad spot where the wiper passes over the windings.

One way would be to either measure the voltage output or the resistance using an analog multimeter to check if the voltage output or resistance is linear from idle to full throttle setting.

On an analog meter, the needle should advance in a linear manner as the throttle is slowly rotated from idle to with no variances (skips, hops, etc).

My first guess was the Power Commander, but you had already tested by disconnecting it.
And as a bit of advice, don't arbitrarily update the Power Commander's firmware or software without first checking with Dynojet/Power Commander support.

I accidentally induced a misfire by updating the firmware on my PCV.
I had to have Power Commander send decreasing firmware versions until I found one that fixed the problem.

Also, what RPM do you ride at below 4000 RPM?
These bikes can get a bit lurchy below 3500 revs, which is why I usually try to run it around 4000 revs if possible.
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