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Wanted to start a discussion here to see if anyone on the forum has done this. I want to install SP2 12 hole injectors in my SP1 throttle bodies. I did some searching and I believe the only one that I know that was successful at this was Josh Kaufman (speedcell). I tried to get in touch with him but hasn't responded as of yet so I will give it a go here to see if anyone has had any success.

I have the RC apart and will be mapping it shortly once work has been concluded but from my research it seems that I will first have to use the SP2 TBs harness as the connectors are different between injectors themselves. Another small issue that I ran into is that it seems there is a small clearance issue of 1-2 mm while trying to fit the SP2 injector in the SP1 TB.

Green SP2 injector with 1 mm gap in SP1 TBs

Black SP1 injector flush in SP1 TBs
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