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Ok, I just finished a 30 minute job which started with changing a stator due to the battery not charging and ended up as a two week debacle where I:

A) Learned how to check the valve clearances and did so
B) Changed the coolant
C) Installed a PC3r and did the map for a stock bike
D) Did the PAIR removal mod / Flapper mod
E) Took of the oil-pan and re-installed (reference stator fix)
F) Lots of experience with silicone seals (reference Yamabond all over my hands!)

The bike is awesome. It will never be as fast as an R1/GSXR1000/CBR1000 in a straight line, but I think it's going to be my bike until I am forced to get rid of it.

An old quote "Horsepower sells cars, but torque wins races."

If anyone has any questions on the above PM me! See ya.
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