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putting this one out to pasture, only 8702 miles on this stuff.

prices+shipping atlanta

OEM SP2 MainframeSOLD
sp2 swingarm/ caliper bracket, hardware etc (one mount broken, needs a refinish)600
OEM SP2 Undertail w/LED brake lightSOLD
OEM sp2 subframe straight$ 450.00
Sp2 radiators-$100/ea $175 pair (not mint, but hold pressure fine)100/ea
OEM SP2 rear wheel (slight bend on lip, still rode straight)$ OBO
OEM magnesium rear Valve Cover (each)$ 50.00
OEM Sp2 forks *needs seals but straight$ 600.00
OEM sp2 front brake calipers$ 150.00
OEM front Seat$ 130.00
OEM Passenger pegs (right side tweaked)$ SOLD
OEM Turn Signal/Horn control$ 70.00
OEM Killswitch$ 75.00
OEM Passenger seat$ 160.00
OEM clipons pair L/R$ 40.00
Sp2 chain guard OEM$50
OEM Rectifier$ 75.00
OEM font headlight wiring harness$ 100.00
Sp2 Main Wiring harness$ 220.00
sp2 rear wiring harness (turn signals/brake lights need to be redone)$ 220.00
OEM Tank (rashed/dented)$ 350.00
OEM Fuel Pump Assembly (spliced in but still serviceable) $ 350.00
Jardine 2>1 damagedSOLD
Dynojet PC3rSOLD
OEM SP2 Lower/Upper Triple Tree (straight)$400.00
1 - 20 of 47 Posts