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SP2 Partout- Atlanta

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putting this one out to pasture, only 8702 miles on this stuff.

prices+shipping atlanta

OEM SP2 MainframeSOLD
sp2 swingarm/ caliper bracket, hardware etc (one mount broken, needs a refinish)750
OEM SP2 Undertail w/LED brake lightSOLD
OEM sp2 subframe straight$ 450.00
Sp2 radiators-$100/ea $175 pair (not mint, but hold pressure fine)100/ea
OEM SP2 rear wheel (slight bend on lip, still rode straight)$ OBO
OEM magnesium rear Valve Cover (each)$ 50.00
OEM Sp2 forks *needs seals but straight$ 600.00
OEM sp2 front brake calipers$ 150.00
OEM front Seat$ 130.00
OEM Passenger pegs (right side tweaked)$ SOLD
OEM Turn Signal/Horn control$ SOLD
OEM Killswitch$ 75.00
OEM Passenger seat$ 160.00
OEM clipons pair L/R$ SOLD
Sp2 chain guard OEM$50
OEM Rectifier$ 75.00
OEM font headlight wiring harness$ 100.00
Sp2 Main Wiring harness$ 220.00
sp2 rear wiring harness (turn signals/brake lights need to be redone)$ 220.00
OEM Tank (rashed/dented)$ 350.00
OEM Fuel Pump Assembly (spliced in but still serviceable)$ 250.00
Jardine 2>1 damagedSOLD
Dynojet PC3rSOLD
OEM SP2 Lower/Upper Triple Tree (straight)$400.00
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Could you possibly post a couple of pics of the swingarm you have for sale.
Is there any damage to the swingarm as you said there was one mount broken and needs a refinish but i cannot make out if this is for the caliper bracket, hardware or the swingarm itself.
Also Is this the black swingarm or the brushed one?
Do you still have the swingarm for sale RC-DEVIL
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