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SP2 underseat tail tray thingos

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G'day all.
I've recently acquired a brand new SP2(well, near 'nuff brand new). I've got plans for the usual suspension, exhaust etc, but I'm a bit stumped as to how to clean up the huge plastic construction hanging off the back end. A quick inspection has me believing it's got an integral part to play, but I might be wrong. It seems to be the underside of the battery etc, , so the first thoughts were to order a second standard Honda part and carefully hack off the excess rubbish. The next thoughts were 'what is available as a replacement for the standard plastic crap?' I've had the usual eBay scout around, done a search on here, and looked at a few photo's I could find on the interweb, but I thought you all might have a better take on this question!
So; who's got a good undertray setup, who's got a brand or link they can recommend, and what doesn't work? Pic's are welcome!
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The main two issues with undertails are fit and finish, and secondly the LEDs brightness.

I was initially going to go with the OPP silver finish undertail as it seemed to be a very nice part with very bright LEDs.
Unfortunately, when I inquired at the time, they were 5-6 months back-ordered.

I then tried the Bestem fiberglass undertail, and the fitment was crap.
I'd heard that CarbonPartz undertails are very good and sent them an email inquiring.
I never heard from them.

So I then finally went with the Hotbodies undertail.
It's made from ABS plastic, so it had better fitment and the finish was a lot better.
The LEDs are not the brightest (especially the brake and turn indicators).
But it was available and in stock and the price was reasonable.

Rumble Concepts is another, and I've heard the LEDs are no better than Hotbodies, and it's also made in ABS. And the price is higher.

To see what the Hotbodies undertail looks like, here are some photos of my RC51 SP2.

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The install instructions from Hotbodies has you make a straight cut across the fender just rear of the battery box and then zip-tie the relays onto the subframe.
This is, frankly, a stupid method.

Since my bike's previous owner made such a mess of his undertail install, I had to order a replacement rear fender to do the job right.

So once I had the new fender, I made a U-shaped cut from just rear of the battery box and down the sides of the fender.

This left the sides and the relay mounts.

I then used some of the scrap plastic from the fender to fashion mounting tabs to further support the undertail. Hotbodies has no rear support, so it tends to flap up and down.

The tabs themselves are secured to the sides of the fender.
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Yeah I just put a set of Sato rearsets on last Saturday.
The levers are mounted on ball bearings and shift very smooth.
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That's a seriously sexy piece of Honda-goodness! Thanks for the comprehensive run down on your tail fitment, much appreciated!
The quality of the LED's in most have me a bit concerned. Being that my bike is road ridden(when the weather doesn't SUCK like it is at home right now), being able to be seen, braking and turning, is very important to me. Anyone that knows anything about Canberra, Australia, might remember the crap driving skills of the tintop drivers here. The law is very over-assertive here, too, so something that has brake lights seperate to the turn signals is also important. I'm wanting a good looking rear(who isn't?) that I can fit up a numberplate holder/indicator that's minimalist but remotely legal-looking. The Hotbodies unit could be an option, as there's an official importer here in Oz...
I can see myself employing a good 'sparky' (electrician) to get everything working properly...
Double-check with Mark (aka MRGRN) at CarbonPartz.
I know I had email problems, but that was a while back, and I would still give a him a try. He's a member of this group as well.
His undertail may use very bright LEDs, which is what everybody wants.

Oh and thanks for the comments on the bike.
You should've seen her when I bought her. The previous owner didn't take very good care of her.
I spent around 5 months straight last year refurbishing her and installing many goodies.
Now she has a nice home and is loved to the point my wife is getting jealous.
Now she has a nice home and is loved to the point my wife is getting jealous.
I'm hearin' ya, LOL!:D
I wish you were around when I installed my undertail in the summer of 06. Great pictures and tips. Desault instructions were horrible. Maybe I'll re-attach the undertail to the frame like you did. If I remember right, the undertail uses the same screws as the original rear panel, and laid on top of that panel.
Yeah the undertails overlay what's left of the stock rear fender.
Some do it better than others. I had to do some minor trimming with a dremel tool to fit better around the ECU slot.
NIce bike Sub,...Power to the Max...
eurobikes is nice too and you can now use libertek for the brake lights too


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