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my 2001 rc51 doesn't have bosses on the swingarm for spools. i have an under swingarm stand but i don't like or trust it.
what's the solution?
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Did someone grind them off?
The picture in the parts guide shows you do, as do all RC51's.
You're not confusing the VTR1000F (aka Super Hawk) with the VTR1000 SP1 (RC51) are you?
actually i have a superhawk and an rc51. neither have the bosses for spools!

when i got the rc51 i was very surprised they aren't there. i will take a look to see if they were ground off or something. why someone would do that is beyond my comprehension.
Here's a diagram of the SP1 swingarm.
If you locate the bolt (reference 16) and go a bit left, you'll see the location for the spools.

Here's the SP2 swingarm, and you'll notice the similar location.

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sorry man, i double checked both bikes and there are no bosses on either.


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You gotta freak 51 :eek:

I got them on mine

Thats weird

I got a spare swingarm I could sell you
maybe i need to bring this up with the local honda dealer.
Was the bike laid down?
I have a buddy who owns a Gixxer 1000 and he broke his mounts off the swingarm when he laid it down.
no, bike was never down. i'm scratching my head. hopefully the honda dealer will shed some light on this.
They might shed some light but its not like your gonna get a new swingarm outta the deal
new swinarm would be nice but i agree, they'll be telling me to go pound sand. still pisses me off.
Not sure if you figured this out...

2001 RCs weren't made with spool threads. Period. I know the fiche says otherwise, but they just aren't there. I've seen 2 or 3 2001s, all without it,a ndc confirmed with the dealer.

God knows why, cause it sucks.

You need to drill the rear dropout tang about 1" from the weld line. This is where HRC actually recommends, and where mine were done, with no problems.
what thread size should be tapped(died?) in there?
what thread size should be tapped(died?) in there?
Depends on which ones you buy. I think most are standard... mine are 10mm x 1.25 pitch.

Tap on the lower tang about 3/4 - 1" from the weld line, below and slightly ahead of the rear axel (depending on chain tension) - eyeball it to where there will be the best material coverage, and where the bolt will catch the front and back of the tubing walls. Drill, tap appropriately, slather with hydrophobic grease, then clean the threads and green loctite. Voila.

If you are uncomfortable drilling into your frame... get a mech to do it. It shouldn't cost much at all as it's basic shop work and doesn't require any breakdown time.

I actually like this location better than stock as it give more rear wheel ground clearance, though at the expense of clearance ahead of the pivot.

i haven't looked closely but it seems to me that there isn't enough material there to support a spool. i must be wrong.
2000 model sp1/rc51 had the mount for spools on the swingarm. 2001 model sp1/rc51 "did not" have the mount on the swingarm..................no 01,s have the mount .
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