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While chasing down some issues lately, I discovered the linkage had come unhooked on the front starter valve. I managed to fix it without removing the throttlebody assembly, but I'm having a confusing time trying to sync it with the factory preset rear starter valve.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong here, because when I test the back starter valve vacuum, altho it flutters a tiny bit, it's reading between 6 and 7 in Hg. When I check the front, it's fluttering wildly from 0 to 16+ in Hg. Adjusting the front starter valve makes no difference whatsoever. So I left it set at approximately middle of the range.
fwiw, I'm using the vacuum nipple on the front right of the front TB and the one on the rear right of the back TB. All vacuumlines have been inspected and checked with a mighty vac and I blew through them to make sure they're clear.

Although it runs ok, the bike feels and sounds raspy, or an almost sputter. Seems like most of the power is there, but something's just not right.
I searched before starting this thread, and found one that makes sense to me. Am I on the right track here?

I haven't removed the front starter valve yet, but maybe that's the next thing to do? I see that part is still available from Honda for about $25 if I need one.
Is that wild flutter a symptom of something else? (Last intake and exhaust valve clearance check is recent and they're in spec.)
Help !?! :rolleyes:
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