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Stock plastics

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I have a bunch of stock plastics that I've somehow collected. Send me a pm with your email address if you want pics.
Here is a list of what I have:
(1) 2004 upper-rash on both sides no cracks- I may fix this and repaint
(1) 2004 upper- cracked but I will fix and repaint if wanted
(1) 2004 rear- light rash on right side- can fix and repaint but you will need to buy new decals
(1) right no cracks, light scratches, no decals
(2) 2004 rights both drilled for sliders- one has a piece of decal missing- other is nice except for light scratches
(1) 2004 left- drilled for slider small crack in decal around slider hole
(1) 2004 left - rashed

Make offers including shipping but keep in mind that shipping will probably be around $25-30. I'm new to the site but you can check my ebay feedback and several guys from the Speedzilla site know me.
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I was curious about the price of the 04 upper with rash on both sides. I do not need you to fix it just a price shipped to zip 49006. I will paypal the meny if we can come to a price. my email is [email protected].
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