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I've been out of the parts game for about 1 year after leaving NOX Racing. I decided to get back in the business with a new company which I have complete ownership and control over the parts buying experience. The company is called Superbike Revolution LLC.

Superbike Revolution continues to add new Vendors. See the photo below for the list of vendors we now have.
I'm offering a "Going Into Business" chain/sprocket special. Vortex sprockets in 520, 525, 530 pitch and sprocket sizes: all picthes front 15-16t, rears will vary with pitch from 41 to 46t. Pairing with EK3D chain in chrome, black, gold, or black and gold. EKZVX3 chain available in various colors. Check out the website at www.superbikerevolution.com and contact me there or DM me on FB and I can get you quoted on the specific setup you would like.

I carry the full line of any of the vendors listed below. If you have been looking for wheels, brake lines, rotors, brake pads, race bodywork, levers, hoses, etc. or anything else the vendors below carry let me know and I'll get you priced out.

I hope to be one of the best part sources for the RC51 community.
Nick Seslar
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