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What do you guys like to snack on during the game?
Here's my version of buffalo fire wings. But I'm not keen on wings all that much, so I'm doing some chicken strips instead.
Here's a simple recipe. A MAN'S recipe! :D

3 - 5 lbs. of your favorite chicken: breasts, wings, drumsticks, whatever...

Heat, but don't cook or simmer- just melt to warm:
8 oz butter
4 oz Franks Hot Sauce
3-4 oz Tabasco Sauce (I prefer Tabasco Chipolte)
3 oz fresh squeezed lemons
2 packets Italian Salad Dressing mix (the dry packets)
just a pinch of minced garlic
just a pinch of course ground black pepper

Grill the chicken till done, then put the chicken in a huge bowl and pour the sauce on top to thoroughly drench, then place back on the grill for a couple minutes to cook it in. YUMMY - and hot!

Go Broncos!!!

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Yeah buddy....I'm in for that....be over in...er say 6 hours. Keep my seat open:D

Peyton takes ring number two!:cool:

The Sherminator is going down tonight!!!

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Just made a batch of "Golden Tate"rtots ;)

Partially thaw tatertots, about half frozen works best.
Dice one large jalapeno, about 1/4 inch dice.
Cut a block of cream cheese into 1/4 squares.
One package of bacon cut in half.

Slice each tatertot in half placing a piece of cream cheese and jalapeno in between each. Wrap with piece of bacon and tooth pick to help holt it all together. Lightly sprinkle brown sugar over all.

Bake 400 for about 10-15 minutes(watch close as bacon gets crispy brown)

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