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Suspension sag

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i did some work on it this weeekend, and i ran into some problems setting up rider's sag. My rider sag is 32mm in the rear at full soft. We measured it 3 or 4 times because it didn't make any sense, but we got the same thing each time. All this and I weigh about 200lbs.

I ended up setting the front with 3 lines showing and that ended up measuring out to about 26mm of front sag. I didn't want to loosen the front up any more with the rear a little on the stiff side. Anyway, anyone else have similar issues with this bike's suspension?
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Just to double-check, your sag was measured as the difference between full extension and fully laden?
My problem was the exact opposite due to the spring on my ohlins was not correct for my weight (250 lbs.). I sent my unit to Kyle Racing and they changed out the spring after servicing the damper.
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