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Hey fellas, I need some help. I have an '04 RC51 that I bought used from a dealer about a year ago. The ride was passable, but pretty stiff, and it doesn't like to turn on the 190/50 tire. Anyways, I figured I'd adjust the settings to Sport Rider's recommendations to make it a little softer and to use the travel, but now its too soft up front. I probably weigh around 215 with gear, so I'm guessing the settings are meant for 150lb riders. Do any of you weigh about the same as me and have your suspension settings dialed? I'm going to have the forks and shock rebuilt and revalved soon, but I'd like to get the most out of it the way it is for now. Here are the settings I'm on now, thanks.

front preload - 8 turns out
front rebound - 1 turn out
front compression - 21 clicks out
rear preload - position 5
rear rebound - 1.5 turns out
rear compression - 6 clicks out
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