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swapping out throttle boddies

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is it worth swapping the older smaller throttlebodies for the larger ones from the sp-2 if i can get the pair for under 50 or so?
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I don't think it will work. Someone else might chime in and tell me im wrong.
I think there's a lot involved there.
Not having compared an SP1 to SP2, it would make sense that the intake port diameters would match the throttle body runners and that would get all upset.

The injector length is different, so you'd have to buy 4 SP2 injectors as well, unless they also came with the T-B's.
And I don't know if an SP1 ECU will work with SP2 T-B or injectors.
May as well get the SP2 heads to make everything fit and work right.

But that's what projects are for.
If you do it, let us know how it goes. Knowledge is power :)
will do thanks yeah ifigured i would need to change the head but wasnt sure. ill take a look at it, might make a good project on some rainy weekend
From a theoretical side, the smaller SP1 T-B's should allow higher velocity air flow than the SP2's.
This is ideal for low to middle throttle settings.

On carburated engines, too large a throttle bore meant flow stagnation at lower revs and throttle openings.
So on an engine with huge throttle bores, if you wacked the throttle opened at low revs, it would spit back when the flow stagnated.

Also higher flow velocity means greater opportunity for ram effect at lower revs.
This was one of Suzuki's secrets to mid-range power on it's GSXR's for years.

Honda increased the SP2 race bike T-B's to 62mm from 54mm for greater top-end HP.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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