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Awhile ago I would say about 4 months ago I was wanting to upgrade my brake calipers...I know the stock Nissin's work very well with steel lines, pad upgrade, m/c upgrade and fresh fluid.

Done it but I was still wanting new calipers as I always wanted some high end brakes.

Thought about Brembo's but was not big on the "radial" adapter kits and such, In just wanted plug and play without the extra weight.

Came across some 6 pot Beringers on E-bay, as a matter of fact someone posted the link on Speedzilla and there was some chatter about them but at the price of the auction I was concerned. Yes they had some blemishes but a great price so I purchased them.

I have lots of family in the US so I send all my bike stuff to my cousins place in Washington state and regularly pick up there.

Well months go by and with work and life...you all know I never got around to pick them up until a month ago. Low and behold they don't fit wrong spacing.

I contact the seller and he promptly replies...asks if I want my money back or some new calipers?

I say I'll take new calipers and 3 weeks later I'm in possession of some brand new Beringers.

So I would like to give a very HUGE shout out to Lee Foley of Lemick Racing

http://www.lemickracing.com/ a very nice fellow, straight up no bs and a man of his word.

I will be bleeding the system either today or tomorrow and off to the canyons I go.

I realize they are not Brembo's and the Brembo camp may have a few things to chime in about but I love them, lighter than stock and quite a bit slimmer than the Nissin's.

Lee also sent me another set of brake pads all on his dime so I know there are quite a few vendors here but Lemick Racing is top notch in my books and I will definitely be purchasing from them again...

To say the least I'm very happy. Thanks again Lee!!

btw sorry for the crappy cell pics...

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Those are some nice looking calipers Nobody, I was browsing around on their site, they have some nice stuff for sure !!! Can not wait to see them mounted on your bike !!
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