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I guess it's one of those weird times in one's life.

I used to race 250 NSRs, back in the days, like one million years ago it feels.

I owned a RC51 for less than one year back in 2001 before I bought my current bike, a 2001 BMW R1100S (I've never cared for more than two cylinders).

At the time I did not have a 4-wheel vehicle so I needed a machine that allowed me to perform a verity of things, the RC was just too limiting.

Now I have a garage and room for a second bike but no $$$ to buy a new bike. Besides, I do not have the time to ride for fun as I ride just to commute: No more track days, no more mountains as I moved to FL, no more racing.

For some reasons, I was never too happy about selling the RC but at the time I really had no choice.

Well, I'm thinking about a used SP2 to be added to my current ride. I've always wanted a 996 but being Italian I know the sons-of-bitches cannot build long-lasting engines, so despite my opinion that the 916/996 is the most beautiful sportbike ever built, I'm not gambling with Ducati's lack of mechanical quality, at least at the time.

Well, talk to me in or out of it!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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