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Hello fellow riders!

I bought my 2002 RC51 in 2006 specifically to contest Heavyweight Twins classes in WERA. Whenever I'd have an issue with it Google would nearly always bring me here for answers, which I took stealthily without ever once saying "thanks."

I haven't raced the bike since 2010 when it and I had a violent disagreement about velocity and lean angle on turn one at Nashville SuperSpeedway. Unfortunately although I repaired and put the bike back into street trim I haven't kept it active. I've recently resolved to right that wrong, but (as I expected) there were things that needed attention. One of them was a failed fuel pressure regulator, which I struggled to figure out on my own. Yet another Google search directed me here where fellow RC51 aficionados have traveled that path before. The symptoms lined up and within minutes I'd verified that once again you guys (and gals) were spot-on.

So I finally decided to register on the site if for no other reason than to say thanks for all the help over the years. Since I'm here anyway I'll see if I can get in the habit of visiting more often and becoming an active member of the community.
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